A Hiring Manager Gives You Tips on Interview Prep

One of my current hiring managers offered to write a guest blog on what he looks for in candidates when prepping for an interview. Here are his words of wisdom:

As an interviewer and hiring manager, here are 3 things a candidate can do to have a good interview experience:

1. Familiarize youself with the company and what they do. Go to the company website, create an account or make a purchase. Read the latest news about the company ‘ Set up a Google news alert for the company for a few days before the interview

2. Do not use the same impact story across all folks in the loop. Have 2 to 3 impact examples that you can share with the folks in the loop

3. Have questions ready for the interviewers ‘ ask about business, culture, career path, etc. Any information that you need to make a decision to join this company or not. You are also interviewing the company- make sure the fit is mutual

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