Starting To Look Like 2009 For Job Seekers PLEASE READ

I saw today that the WA State unemployment claims system is seeing the same levels of activity as it did in 2008-2010. Not so coincidentally, that is the same time I started this blog.

Being a recruiter with experience at companies such as Microsoft and Volt at the time, a had a lot of recently laid-off employees asking me the same questions over, and over. So: I started a free resource that anyone can access. This blog is over a dozen years of my expertise gleaned throughout my career.

I have kept it up date, I have added fairly regularly. So: here we go again. Please read this blog first before you reach out to me or any other recruiter; see if your questions have already been answered. Be aware that most recruiters are slammed right now, so trying to get an answer to your very singular question, which is already answered online in a thousand different places, may not make you a high priority.

I check my comments section once a week, and i get an email notification when anyone DOES leave me a message, so if you have a specific question not answered here, just ask.

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