Supply and Demand

In the ‘dot bomb’ aftermath of 1998-2000, scores of displaced professionals decided to hide in the hallowed halls of academia and attain advanced degrees, such as MBA’s, in the hopes of being more marketable when they emerged and the economy, hopefully, had improved.

But one thing they failed to take into account is that when X% of the population goes "back to school", then X% of the workforce will have the same academic credentials when they emerge, thus *lowering* the demand for, say, an MBA.

I feel deeply concerned for the college graduates coming out with degrees in Finance and Accounting. With the collapse of the financial sector in the US last year in October, seasoned professionals with years of experience as well as their CPA’s or advanced degrees are now a "dime a dozen", so to speak.

I’m not advocating against an advanced degree, or even changing your career by obtaining an additional degree, but just suggesting that when considering going back to school that the motivation is valid and that you aren’t further diluting your job opportunities.

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