Why video resumes *don’t* work

In the recruiting world, a hot topic the last few years has been video resumes. In many European countries, and due to the explosion of Youtube, lots of content companies are trying to cash in on the untapped market for video resumes in the US.

But here’s the thing: they aren’t *listening* to what recruiters are telling them.

There is a huge issue with discrimination potential. And, that discrimination isn’t even just from a recruiting perspective; there are several studies conducted over the last decade that show that societally we are predisposed to discrimination:

Attractive people make more money, are seen as more reliable, and generally have an advantage over their homelier counterparts. Below are just a very few articles referencing these studies.


BR />http://womeninquire.com/index.php/Why-Attractive-People-Get-Better-Jobs.html


B />http://www.thedigeratilife.com/blog/index.php/2008/04/08/get-hired-get-a-raise-and-get-paid-more-by-improving-your-appearance/

Add to that the cost involved with producing a video resume, and the *lack* off access to it, and you are basically saying that people who have money to go to a videography service have a better shot at getting a job. Today, anyone can go to a library, or local unemployment office and type up a resume and use free email to send it off.

Not only that, but who cares if someone reads a scripted document that tells me how wonderful they are?
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I can see there being a market for *live* videoconferencing for interviews. I’ve used this option myself in the past, and it has been successful. But for now, just email me a resume I can search and look at and call it good.

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